Case Study:
Streamlining Patient Booking and Lead

This page contains the case study for : Streamlining Patient Booking and Lead

Project Overview

A newly established dental clinic leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer quick and superior services to its patients faced challenges with their existing online appointment booking system and lead management processes.


The clinic sought a unified solution to streamline online appointments and improve lead management efficiency, aiming to reduce manual efforts and enhance patient service.

The Web Solution

Patient-Friendly Booking: We redesigned the online booking process, with a simplified Typeform, reducing completion time from over five minutes to under, thus significantly improving the patient booking experience.

Automated Lead Management: The automation facilitated immediate transfer of lead data into Microsoft Teams and Mailchimp. This not only prepared the groundwork for effective future marketing campaigns but also allowed the sales team immediate access to lead information without manual data entry.

Quick Sales Team Response: By eliminating the time spent on manual data entry, the sales team could allocate more time to promptly contact potential patients, enhancing lead engagement and conversion.

The Results

The redefined system yielded substantial improvements:

  • Enhanced Sales Efficiency: Freed from manual data entry, the sales team could contact leads faster, significantly improving response times.
  • Increased Lead Conversion: The clinic experienced a notable 20% increase in lead conversion rates, directly attributed to the sales team’s ability to engage with clients more swiftly, thanks to the time saved.
  • Streamlined Processes: The integration of Typeform, Mailchimp, Videoask, and Microsoft Teams into a unified workflow markedly enhanced the efficiency of the clinic’s lead management and patient booking process.

Tools Used

javascript, Php, Microsoft Teams