Case Study:
Groupe Viso Website Transformation

This page contains the case study for : Groupe Viso Website Transformation

Project Overview

Groupe Viso, a stalwart in the construction sector, recently embarked on a significant journey of growth through a merger, broadening its suite of offerings to include more premium services. This strategic expansion necessitated a reimagining of their digital presence to accurately mirror their evolved brand and diversified service portfolio, tailored to meet the needs of their varied clientele.

Project Goals

The main objectives for the new website were to:

  • Reflect Groupe Viso’s updated branding and premium service expansion.
  • Enhance user engagement through a modern, sophisticated design.
  • Facilitate easy navigation for users to discover the full range of services.

The Web Solution

New Branding Implementation:

Leveraging the talents of a skilled designer who redefined Groupe Viso’s logo and typography, I took the helm in translating this new visual identity into a digital format. The challenge was not only to infuse the website with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that matched the company’s new direction but also to ensure the design communicated the brand’s evolution and expanded offerings effectively.

Wireframe and Design Development:

The process began with the creation of detailed wireframes, laying the groundwork for web pages that would embody the company’s renewed brand vision. This phase was critical in structuring the website’s layout to accommodate the expanded services and ensure an intuitive user experience.

Engagement-Driven Design:

A pivotal feature of the redesigned website was the implementation of a distinct color-coded design scheme. This strategic choice was instrumental in enhancing user engagement: it allowed visitors to quickly identify and delve into the specific services they were interested in. This color-coding not only improved the site’s aesthetic appeal but also its functionality, making service exploration both straightforward and enjoyable for users.


The launch of the redesigned website marked a new chapter for Groupe Viso, one where their online presence now accurately reflects their market position and breadth of services. The feedback from stakeholders and customers alike was overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise for the site’s design and ease of use. The color-coded navigation system has proven to be a valuable tool in guiding visitors through Groupe Viso’s expanded offerings, significantly enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Tools Used

Wordpress, Divi