Case Study:

This page contains the case study for : KingsBarbershop

Project Overview

At Kings Barbershop, a haircut transcends the ordinary—it’s an immersive experience that begins with a warm welcome and unfolds in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Kings Barbershop prides itself on crafting the perfect look.

The Web Solution

Modern Website Design:

I developed a sleek, modern website that accurately reflects the unique vibe of Kings Barbershop. The design highlights their range of services and features their excellent Google reviews prominently, reinforcing their reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

Integrated Booking System:

To enhance operational efficiency and customer convenience, I integrated Square Appointment Scheduling software with their existing Point of Sale (POS) system. This integration not only simplifies the booking process for both the barbers and their clients but also enables the seamless capture of customer emails and phone numbers for future marketing campaigns.

Marketing and Data Utilization:

The new system is designed to leverage customer data from each booking to support targeted email and text message marketing campaigns. This approach not only enhances customer engagement but also offers valuable insights into client preferences and behavior.

Tools Used

Wordpress, Divi, javascript, Heatmaps - Clarity